A new review for A LATENT DARK

Patricia Eddy of Author Alliance gave ALD a 4.5 star review, which makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Or it could be the whiskey.

Read it here if you like.

In other news, things are moving along. The space opera novella (currently titled PATCHER) is due to be back from beta readers and into the hands of editors in the next few weeks, and ALD2 is heading off to an editor hopefully by the end of the month.

In other other news, this current project is killing me. KILLING. ME. I am at the point now where I see very clearly that I will need to once again, re-outline and rewrite from the beginning, perhaps throw out the current world as well, just like I did with BLOOM at around revision 8.  I’m on the third revision of this one, and yeah, I can see the signs. So no I’m torn between the feelings of “I have to finish this no matter what” and “I know now what I have to do to make it better, so do it.” And it’s not a fun place to be.

This book also covers a lot of familiar tropes as well, which I think, is part of the problem. I don’t want this to be “another science fiction book about X that reminds you of that other book that did it better.” I want to break some new ground on this, and that birthing process is often painful and destructive. But my wife is gone all this week, so I might find myself with nothing to do but write. Which could be fun, assuming I can stay away from the video games. Maybe I’ll play DISGAEA and just call it research.

Update in case you thought I was dead

I’ve been doing a lot of work on the new book, gutting the middle, adding stuff here and there. It’s been dominating a lot of my time, but I am almost done with the first real revision. That leaves only… thirty or so left to go.


I do miss the flash fiction and I promise to have more available soon. In the mean time, I invite you to check out my free to download novel.

The book I am working on right now is not a sequel to this universe. I do have a prequel to THE HEAVY DARK in a rough draft form, which I will definitely get to soon.

I’m finding that when I am focused and sufficiently drunk I can crank out about 4400 words in a sitting. Now all I have to do is limit the distractions, google reader, reddit, cats riding Roombas and I should be able to make some real progress.

Cat's are sort of dicks.

Cats: Total dicks.