In which I discuss books, writing, and the challenges of being a self-publishing author

I was pleased to talk with Philip James from The Darling Dork pop culture site this weekend. For the six of you who follow me on this blog, you probably realize that this is something of a surprise and a pleasant one at that. One of the hardest things being a self-pubbing writer is the bottomless void of obscurity.

We talked about ALD, and the challenges of being a self-publishing author. We talked about the writing process and what went into this book. It was a fun interview and if you liked A Latent Dark, you’ll probably find it interesting.

A Latent Dark on this year’s Halloween Storybundle is offering up A Latent Dark along with seven other novels for this year’s Halloween Horror bundle. You can pay as little as a dollar and download eight great books, all DRM free. Also, if you are feeling generous, you can donate a portion of the price you choose to charity.

The bundle is curated by 2-time Horror Writers Association President Joe Nassise.

So if you want to discover some new indie authors and maybe even feel good about some charity donations, this is a good opportunity.