Oh, where has the time gone…

I’ve been posting a lot on my Facebook page (you’re welcome to follow me there as well) , probably because the FB page gets more traffic. Still, I thought I’d cross-post my latest progress report:

Bloom: Or, the unwritten memoir of Tennyson Middlebrook, is all but done. it needs a cover and will be getting one shortly. It also needs on last proof for those typos here and there. I’m hoping it will be out before I turn 41

A lot of people asking about the ALD sequel and when it’s coming out. I thought I’d give you some insight into my editing process. I usually write a first draft in about 2-3 months. Following that is a good six months to a year of edits.

I don’t actually print anything out until maybe 8 or 9 drafts in. That’s usually when I pull out my red pen on the train and start marking stuff up. The pages usually end up looking like this.

Sample of redline editing. ALD book 2

Sample of redline editing. ALD book 2

As you can see, it still has a ways to go, but at least it’s made it off the screen and onto paper.