A LATENT DARK – a novel by Martin Kee

“A witch hunt with an amazing twist.”

“Unpredictable and full of adventure…”

From the back cover:

Skyla has lived secretly within the city walls of Bollingbrook for eleven years, playing among the airship factories and trainyards. As one of the Gutter District’s nameless destitute, it has gone undiscovered that she has a unique talent: when Skyla looks at a person’s shadow she sees through it and into another world. She can see people’s fears, desires, their past sins–all as swimming, living creatures.

Her mother has never told her the real reasons why they must remain hidden, never explained the true dangers that exist outside the city walls. But when her mother’s past catches up with them both, Skyla finds she must flee out of the city and into a world still recovering from a second Dark Age, a world of adults with secrets only she can see.

For a stranger has recently moved into Bollingbrook, a man some call the Pope of the South, a witch hunter to some and a hero to others. When more children begin to disappear, suspicions are raised and an unlikely search party is formed to find Skyla in the hopes that they aren’t already too late.

What people are saying about A LATENT DARK

“The first mistake I made was setting the book up to be ready to read “later that night when I’m finished working.” The second mistake was reading the first sentence, which led to the first paragraph, which led to the first page, and … you get the picture. This book sucks you in with the first word and doesn’t let go until the end.”

“…it’s one of the best novels I read quite in a while and that the story as a whole has fully merited its four stars. It is a work of quality.”

“The reader is led into unexpected realms, and the author does a wonderful job of making us look at the interplay of light and dark, good and bad, life and death, soulful existence and non-existence in a novel way.”

Other short stories from the Latent Dark universe






(c) 2012 Martin Kee

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