So I curated a story bundle at StoryBundle


I got approached a few months back to not only participate in a horror bundle but to curate it as well. Seeing as I’ve never done bundle curation before, I found the task somewhat daunting at first. Where do you even start? We received dozens of submissions, some of them amazing, many of them difficult to choose from. We managed to narrow it down to these nine books, some of them by authors you’ve no doubt heard of.

All Covers Large

A couple of great things about storybundle is that the books are all DRM free, meaning you’re free to move them from device to device, or share them with friends–though it would be awesome if they bought in as well. The bundle also gives you the option to donate a portion to charity, which makes everyone feel good about capitalism.


So swing by if you want to take advantage of it and get yourself some really great books.

4 responses to “So I curated a story bundle at StoryBundle

  1. My apologies… It’s a tad difficult to reach you (only managed through FB, and I had to get someone’s account for it).

    Saw Bloom on storybundle. It’s theonly story so far that pikes my interest in that one bundle. Is there any way, other than SB or amazon, to get that story? The first, because the rest of titles don’t grab my attention, amazon because, well…


  2. You can buy into the bundle with only the bare minimum… I think $1. That will get you BLOOM and some other books. It’s cheaper than Amazon and also comes in epub format as well if you don’t use a Kindle.

    • Yes, I know. Still… I’m slightly conscious of my purchases. Your part of 1$ would be negligible, and I’m really only interested in that book. I was hoping I could get it some other way (although, if you’ve followed the link, you’ll notice I don’t have much success with other options, to the point I hardly ever even try most).

      Thanks, anyhow.

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