A nice surprise this morning

A review from Writer’s Digest: (some punctuation got garbled in the message)


Bloom, or the unwritten memoir of Tennyson Middlebrook (great character name!), by Martin Kee is quite a surprise.  I love science fiction, horror, and post-apocalyptic fiction, and Bloom contains elements of all three.  The writing is consistently engaging and off-kilter; by the end I began to realize that I could probably pick sentences from this novel out of a line-up without any problem ( there’s that much distinction and originality in the prose.  The characters are fascinating and well-crafted,) and the concept of bloom–a kind of fungus seems particularly pertinent in these days of bioweapons.  While I think that the pacing at the beginning and the end of the novel is fairly solid, there are some sluggish bits in the middle, and I think that some judicious trimming would help things along in that area.  But this is a not a huge issue for me, given that the novel is brimming with so many interesting ideas and elements.  Kee is to be commended for entering this territory–so much has been done in this genre that it’s surely difficult to come up with something this weird and original.  While its innovation might be initially off-putting to unsophisticated readers, I imagine that those who stick with it will feel rewarded for having done so.


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