Updates updates updates…

I posted a few flash fiction pieces that I did last year.  Some published, some unpublished (except here).  They are on the right sidebar.

I also added a link to the Papercraft models I’ve made in the past. Papercraft Eve ships are fun to make, and I love te end result, but I’ll explain here why I stopped making them.

1. They are expensive to make. Card stock is expensive and printer toner is VERY expensive. I suppose I could sell them, but it would barely recoup the cost.

2. They take up space. The Maelstrom Battleship was about 4 feet long. After a while I began to run out of places to display them. I used to have them at work, but our company moved and I am not about to strap one to my back while I bike into the office.

That being said, I did enjoy making them. They are a ton of fun to put together

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