If your writing is longer than a status update you should stop posting on Facebook

I like Facebook just fine. It a fun, easy, superficial way to catch up with what people are eating, how old their kids are, what color collar their cats are wearing. Facebook is where friendships go to not necessarily die, but sit together awkwardly as if in a retirement center, waiting for imminent death as they discuss how Elise, the caretaker does her hair in a ponytail. It isn’t the worst thing that would happen to a friendship, but it isn’t necessarily the best.

My issue with Facebook stems from a quote I read a while back and it has been gnawing on me for a while now: “if you’re not paying for something, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold”. And that is exactly what Facebook does. It sells your content cheaper than a James Frey author-mill.

That content might be the clever status update quip you thought up, or it might be a link you thought your friends–oh, I mean good aquaintences on Facebook would find amusing. The more insidious of these is when you write a long note.

That note should be yours. That list of your favorite bands, your most inspiring authors, your favorite dog breeds, that poem you felt inspired to write, that’s content that you made, but now it basically belongs to Facebook. You are working for them. For free. Congratulations.

All I am saying really is that if what you write is good enough to publish on Facebook, it is good enough to put on your own blog under your ownership. Don’t work for free for Facebook. I hear the pay is terrible.



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