Fuck you Svenhard’s

Svenhard’s Cinnamon Rolls:


“Hey buddy! How’s it going? Remember me from college? OMG! We used to have soooooooo much fun together! Hey, I know it’s late an all, but whaddaya say? One last time? Could you give me a ride to your place? No no! I understand. I’ll just sit there. You and I can get together whenever.”



“Thanks for the ride. Is this your new place? It’s nice! way better than the place in college. You’re really moving up in the world. You and I should celebrate.  Too late? Oh no problem. I understand if you can’t hang like you used to. You only have to have one you know. My buddies will just wait here until you want more. You’re an adult! you can just have one of us.”



“Oh man that was FUN! We should do that again sometime! Dude!! I can’t believe you ate ALL of us!! That was DOPE!!”



“AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Oh I’M SORRY!!! ARE WE TOO LOUD IN HERE???  WE WERE JUST HAVING SOOO MUCH FUCKING FUN!!!! MAN YOU REALLY CAN’T EAT US LIKE YOU USED TO. WHAT A PUSS!!!  THAT’S IT!! I AM OUT OF HERE!!! What’s that? you were only supposed to wake up in a half hour? Well FUCK YOU!!!  YOU USED TO BE COOL MAN!!! Now go sit in the bathroom for 20 minutes and think about how cool you used to be.”

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