A few things that make me feel like I am living in a science fiction universe

This last month a couple of things have made me feel as though we have finally arrived in a universe that a few years ago was only described in science fiction novels. This isn’t to say that none of us saw this coming. A lot of us did.  That doesn’t make any of these things nay more amazing.

The skin gun. Video is a bit graphic, so be warned if you are squeamish when it comes to burns. This is a hose that sprays stem cells on a burn and repairs the skin to a nearly seamless state.

A.I. s that are faster than us, if still a little quirky. Watson is an IBM trivia machine that successfully competed against humans on Jeopardy. Sure, you say, this would be completely easy for a computer A.I. but that’s where you would be wrong. The syntax and complexities of the English language are very difficult for computers to master. In fact, Watson’s brain is the size of a storage unit and he still has problems with certain pop culture and art references.

In a few years you will carry a gadget as smart as Watson and as small as your iPhone. At that point it is only fair that we all simply admit that we are in fact living in a Charles Stross novel and therefore worship him as our god.

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